A Conversation with the Moon

It’s dark.
I feel strange.
It feels like a phone call missed by one ring.
Like the last bite of pizza left uneaten by a full stomach.
Like a bird that moved just one second before a photograph was clicked.
Like a phone battery that died right before sending ‘Love…

Questions of Life

Throw me a question.
Any question.
Burning or sensational.
Big or small or silly.
This is not a poem. This is my heart caught in my throat from all the words too heavy to carry.

So, put up a question and let me make room for what…

Missing you comes in waves. Today, I am drowning.

Dear Daddy,

This day marks 83 days without you. The memories are sweet, but they sometimes do not ease the pain and frustration of you not being physically present. All of these memories brought me to write this letter to you.

Shantnu Rana

I dream, because what else could I do?

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